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Bespoke Pathology Transport Bags for a Private Laboratory in Greece

Versapak manufactured Pathology Bags to meet Greek regulations concerning sample collection and transportation.


Versapak bags keep patients' confidential medical records secure

Versapak provides secure medical records holdalls for a new hospital in the United Arab Emirates.


42 years in business and still going strong!

For the last 42 years Versapak has been producing quality, reusable tamper evident bags to a multitude of industry sectors.


Versapak Romania receive certificates of excellence!

We are very proud to announce that Versapak Romania has recently been awarded with some of the most prestigious certifications in our industry.


Greater Allocation of NHS Budget towards Regulation Medical Bags

Following feedback from its sales team, Versapak has called for greater NHS budget allocation towards the purchase of regulation medical bags.


Highest Royal Warrant Granted to Versapak

As of the 1st of January 2014, Versapak has been granted a Royal Warrant in acknowledgement of the high standard of quality and provisions supplied to the Royal Household since 2003.


Top Ten Most Security Conscious Sectors Revealed

New research from a leading supplier of tamper evident solutions has revealed the top ten most security conscious industry sectors when it comes to dealing with items or information that require safe handling, storage or treatment.


Insulated Medical Bags Answers Pizza Delivery Requirements

A leading supplier of secure tamper evident packaging has answered the transportation needs of one of the largest pizza delivery firms in Spain in order to ensure its products reach customers at optimum temperature and in perfect condition.


UK Interest in Chinese Manufacturing on The Decline - Return to UK

New research from a leading supplier of tamper evident solutions in the UK suggests that the desire for Chinese manufacturing is on the wane amongst British companies.


Versapak solve Human Milk Bank transportation problems

Versapak, a leading supplier of tamper evident solutions, has helped The Cheshire and North Wales Human Milk Bank deliver human breast milk safely and legally in accordance with NICE guidelines.